Accused online scammer arrested for 3rd time in two years

Demetrios Katras
Demetrios Katras (East Hampton Police)


EAST HAMPTON, CT (WFSB) - For the third time in two years, a 40-year-old East Hampton man is facing larceny charges.

Demetrios Katras was arrested three times in the past two years, accused of online scamming.

The most recent arrest was on Tuesday.

Police said Katras was arrested in connection with online fraud and subsequent larcenies of $40,273.40.

He was arrested in October of 2016 and January of this year for similar incidents and subsequent larcenies totaling over $139,000.

In the most recent arrest, police said “Katras used similar fraudulent scenarios as he had in the past to defraud victims while operating under various business names on the internet. “

Katras would reportedly post sheds for sale and take deposits for the sheds, but wouldn’t deliver the shed.

Police said Katras also allegedly ordered large amounts of lumber from out of state companies and never paid for it.

“In all of the investigations, Katras orchestrated his scam from his home leaving his victims to believe his business was based in another state,” police said in a press release, adding that Katras left companies like Square Inc., E-Bay and Stripe on the hook to reimburse the many victims that failed to receive their sheds.

Police said it has been estimated that Katras has been involved in the theft of $347,948.00 since 2011.


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