parent company InnovativeDataSearch, prevails in Federal Court. parent company InnovativeDataSearch LLC, prevails in Federal Court.

On Tuesday, April, 9, 2018 Judgment was rendered in a Federal "trademark" case involving Calli Hisey Law Offices, inc,, ENOM LLC,, GOOGLE INC, YAHOO! INC, and MICROSOFT CORPORATION.

The plaintiff failed to prove any of the claims associated with their filing.  In fact, Calli Hisey Law Offices, inc. completely abandoned the litigation, failing to substantiate a single claim, assertion or accusation associated with their initial motion, including trademark infringement, liable, or personal accusations associated with the officers of InnovativeDataSearch LLC, who were represented by Susan Ford of RES NOVA Law.

In what was actually a freedom of speech case, Calli Hisey Law Offices, inc failed to prosecute the claims associated with the corporations initial case motion of any of the defendants including ENOM, LLC,, GOOGLE INC, YAHOO! INC, and MICROSOFT CORPORATION, who all prevailed. Subsequently, all initial motions and claims filed by Calli Hisey Law Offices, inc have been respectively Dismissed with Prejudice and the case has been closed.  

In the state of Washington, due to the embattled ANIT-SLAPP legislation, an individual is able to submit a totally unsubstantiated, contrived police report which seemingly cannot be examined, questioned, disproved or defended in any way. It's an inept, unfair law in our opinion, which allows the exploitation of law enforcement agencies and subverts the constitutional right to defense when used as evidence in a legal proceeding.   

will update this article as case documents are reviewed. reserves the right to publish all associated case content as well as the content originally associated with the case filings. 

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