Bath Woman Facing Multiple Fraud Charges


Bath, N.Y. (WENY) - According to police, a Bath woman is facing multiple fraud charges after she issued almost $40,000 in fraudulent checks.

Police say 26-year old Erica Bacon was arrested on Wednesday following an investigation into a bank fraud case occurring in Steueben County.

Bacon allegedly issued the checks to multiple people, businesses and government entities throughout the Steuben County area. She then reported her checks to her bank and the New York State Police as being stolen and fraudulently cashed by another party.

Bacon was charged with Grand Larceny, Scheme to Defraud, Making a False Written Statement, and 6 counts of Offering A False Instrument for Filing.

Bacon was arraigned and released by the town of Bath court. She will reappear on January 3rd.


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