Couple arrested in card skimmers investigation

Yasser Ramon Hernandez, 33, was charged credit or debit card abuse.


A Florida couple has been arrested for using card skimmers at local gas pumps to clone credit and debit cards and make fraudulent charges, according to Laredo police.

Yasser Ramon Hernandez, 33, and Alianne de la Caridad Trista, 25, were served with arrest warrants charging them with eight and seven counts, respectively, of credit or debit card abuse.

A three-month investigation led police to the 2500 block of Laura Court, where they seized thousands of dollars, skimmer devices, cloners and numerous credit cards, several receipts and other various evidence, according to police.

Police said Hernandez and de la Caridad Trista also used personal pin numbers to make purchases of expensive brand items such as Versace, Adidas, Nike, Guess and jewelry from Pandora. Those items were also seized from the home on Laura.

"They were recording credit card information at the gas pumps using skimmers. Anytime anybody would go and fill up on gas and use their debit card number, they would record all the information from the card," said Investigator Joe E. Baeza, LPD spokesman.

Police said the investigation continues as more charges and arrests could be pending.

"We don't know how far this goes. They may have done the same thing at different locations. We're in the process of seeing where else the investigation takes us," Baeza said.

Those who believe they are victims of this type of card abuse should first check with their financial institution to file a claim. Then, they can report the incident to police, LPD said.


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