Darien Police Investigate Trio Of Bank Fraud Cases

The separate incidents victimized two Darien residents and local banks.

DARIEN, CT — Three Darien residents reportedly were victims of separate bank fraud cases, prompting investigations by local police.

In the first case, reported on June 7, a 51-year-old man lost $2,482.05 from his bank account in a larceny via wire fraud.

"The victim in this case reported that he had wired $2,482.05 from his [Citibank] bank account on 06/07/2017 to a 'Luis King' who was using a United Bank of Charleston, SC bank account," wrote Darien police in a statement. "The victim reported that he had been in contact with a 'Cory Hopper' via texts and emails concerning an apartment rental, purportedly located at 101 Park Square in Stamford, over approximately a month's time. The correspondence was the result of a Craigslist posting advertising an apartment rental. The victim stated he decided to wire the money on 06/07/2017 as he was being pressed for time by 'Cory Hopper' on potentially losing the apartment rental.

"After wiring the money, the victim decided to call the leasing office at 101 Park Square in Stamford directly and found that there was no 'Cory Hopper' or 'Luis King' employed or known to anyone there. He also learned that Stamford PD had been notified by other potential victims of this apparent scam as well. The victim then called his bank in an effort to stop the wire transfer."

The investigation is ongoing, and both banks have launched their own investigations, according to police. It was not disclosed if the victim was able to successfully stop the wire transfer.

"Once again, the Darien Police Department strongly cautions our residents to weigh all aspects of any online or wire transactions thoroughly and to fully consider all potential transactions with a high level of due diligence," wrote police. "Sending or wiring money "sight unseen" or transacting business with unknown parties over the internet is many times a likely recipe for a significant loss."

In the second case, reported on June 8, a 38-year-old resident reported to police that numerous transactions totaling $500 were fraudulently charged to his Wells Fargo Bank account, in what police described as a case of identity theft.

"Fraudulent charges were made at Target, Amazon and Paypal," wrote police. "The resident did not suffer any monetary loss as the bank is reversing the charges and have opened their own investigation. There was no evidence of local criminal activity."

Finally, on June 11, a 38-year-old Flushing, NY woman was arrested on numerous fraudulent credit card charges after she allegedly tried to use fake credit cards at a People's United Bank branch on Heights Road, according to Darien police.

Officers were dispatched to the scene at about 11:15 a.m. after bank security notified police that a woman was trying to use fake cards at the bank's ATM.

"Upon arrival, officers observed a white female, wearing a black shirt and red pants, in the ATM vestibule," wrote polie. "The female was asked to step from the vestibule area. She was wearing what appeared to be a dark wig and dark sunglasses.

"The suspect, Gabriela Enache, was extremely nervous and would not answer basic questions posed by responding officers as to what she was doing at the bank and where she was coming from.

"Officers observed that Enache was holding an open wallet containing a large amount of cash and a large number of credit and/or gift cards. Ten Visa and American Express branded cards were recovered that, through the assistance of members of the Connecticut Financial Crimes Task Force, were confirmed to be fraudulently 'cloned' cards."

Arrested was Gabriela Enache who was charged with the following:

  • Ten counts of 53a-128c Credit Card Theft
  • Five counts of 53a-128d, Illegal Use of Credit Card
  • Ten counts of 53a-128e, Illegal Furnishing of Money/Goods on Credit Card
  • Ten counts of 53a-128f, Unlawful Completion of a Credit Card
  • Five counts of 53a-128g, Receipt of Money/Goods by use of Illegal Credit Card
  • One count of 53a-125, Larceny in the 4th Degree

Police also recovered more than $1,500 from Enache's wallet, "all in twenty dollar bills which is the specific denomination dispensed by most ATM machines."

Enache was held in lieu of a $150,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Stamford Superior Court later this month.

The investigation into this incident is continuing.


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