Financial adviser arrested for stalking, strangling immigrant teen

David A. WismerCOLORADO SPRINGS - A Colorado Springs financial adviser is accused of forcing his way into the home of teenage girl and strangling her last week. David A, Wismer III, age 51, was arrested Saturday on three felony counts including first degree assault, first degree burglary and stalking.

Investigators believe he forced his way into the girl's home on Tuesday, grabbed her by the throat and hit her head against the wall hard enough to leave dents in the drywall. A forensic nurse at Memorial Hospital evaluated the girl and determined she suffered "Serious Bodily Injury with a substantial risk of death due to strangulation."

According to court records filed for the arrest warrant, the girl's mother explained to Colorado Springs Police Officers that Wismer had been a family friend from church who helped them immigrate from Iran six years ago.  When the girl's parents later divorced, he helped again by paying for a two week hotel stay for mother and daughter, and even bought a car so she could get to work.

While they were staying at the hotel, the mother said Wismer began showing up and spending time with the victim by going to lunch and movie "dates." The victim said Wismer liked the attention she showed him as being like her father.

"She said when her life got better and she needed him less he started acting 'weird,'" Detective Mike Lee wrote in his warrant application.

The victim told officers Wismer tried to "touch" her two years ago and made statements in the past that he wished he wasn't married to his wife but was married to her instead. The victim later told investigators Wismer had "choked, slapped, kicked and punched" her on a previous occasion last summer.

During a follow up interview on Friday, the victim described a five year history of physiological and physical abuse by Mr. Wismer.

He is the president of Wismer Wealth Management Group in Colorado Springs whose website indicated they have $58 million in assets under management.

The Colorado Securities Commissioner told News 5 Wismer will have 30 days to file notice of the charges with them. However, it will take a conviction to revoke his license.

"As you know, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty and a simple felony charge is not a basis for a license revocation," explained Commissioner Gerald Rome.

He added that clients of Wismer Wealth Management need not worry about their funds. By law, all licensed financial advisers in Colorado are required to keep client money with an independent third party so as to prevent fraud and mismanagement.

Wismer was released from jail on $500,000 bond.  He has no previous criminal history. An advisement hearing is scheduled for Thursday morning.


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