Financial fraud suspects arrested after I-75 stops

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - Three Chicago women and a Virginia man face credit card fraud charges and remain in jail in two separate cases in Turner County.

The women were found with stolen credit cards. The man had tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise, stolen credit card info, and the machine to make the cards.

Turner County sheriff Andy Hester demonstrated how thieves print your credit card info on new cards. More than a dozen of these cards are now evidence.

"They've probably bought $30,000 worth of merchandise," said Sheriff Hester.

That includes four Canon cameras valued at $900, diamond rings valued nearly $5,000, and a whole stack of new apple products.

The credit card fraud ring was busted after a traffic stop on I-75 last month. Authorities say that's how most of these cases start.

"Speeding or weaving, or something's wrong with their tag or something like that," said Sheriff Hester.

Investigators said the man behind a heap of electronics and jewels is Wayne Chisholm.

Sheriff Hester said marijuana led to the search. Another stop for a woman speeding down the interstate led deputies to more than a hundred fraudulent cards.

Sheriff Hester said Ursular Cooper was driving. Toyanna Johnson and Stacie Smith were also arrested. Sheriff Hester said his deputies will keep training.

"There are bigger ones out there and then there's smaller ones but we're going to keep fighting and keep locking up bad guys as many as we can get," Sheriff Hester.

Federal authorities plan to take over the women's case. Chisholm will be prosecuted locally. The three women are charged with financial transaction card fraud. Chisholm faces that same charge as well as possession of a financial transaction card forgery device.


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