Fired Flippin police chief arrested on theft charge

pull leftFormer Flippin Police Chief Dusty Smith has been arrested on a charge of theft of property, according to the electronic jail log of the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

The log shows Smith, 38, was booked into the jail at 10:41 a.m. Monday morning. The log shows Smith was released after posting a $5,000 bond.

An affidavit filed late Monday afternoon shows authorities allege Smith misused a city credit card, racking up $8,147.91 in unauthorized charges beginning in December of last year through the end of October this year.

The affidavit says many of the charges were made while Smith was off duty and headed to Florida to work for another company.

The affidavit says the alleged financial crimes came to light after 14th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney David Ethredge requested the Arkansas State Police conduct an investigation.

The affidavit further states that ASP special agent Justin Nowlin received the information regarding the alleged thefts from the city's keeper of records. That keeper of records is not identified in the affidavit and is only described as a part-time employee.

Smith was fired Nov. 2 via text message, according to city attorney Sam Pasthing, who said an administrative assistant for the department, Nicole Moore, also was fired the same day via text message.

Pasthing said the reason, or reasons, the pair were fired remain under active investigation. The attorney confirmed an investigation is being conducted by the Arkansas State Police.

In May of last year, Smith was serving as chief when he was demoted as part of a settlement in a civil lawsuit claiming Smith, and other law enforcement officers, wrongfully arrested a man.

The city agreed to pay the man $20,000 to settle the case. The felony theft charge against the man was dropped after the case spent six months grinding through the judicial system.

Henry Campfield was hired to replace Smith as chief of the Flippin Police Department. Campfield is a veteran officer who has served with the Baxter County Sheriff's Office and the Mountain Home Police Department.


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