Kingston alderman lists address in bankruptcy filing as Woodstock hamlet of Bearsville

Alderman Brad Will tries to hide his face upon leaving a Sept. 22 closed-door meeting of the city Ethics Board.

KINGSTON >> Two weeks before narrowly winning re-election, Third Ward Alderman Brad Will filed for bankruptcy protection in federal court, listing his address as the hamlet of Bearsville in the town of Woodstock.

Residency outside of the city would disqualify Will to sit on the Common Council.

Will, who was found guilty by the city Ethics Board on Oct. 6 of violating the Kingston City ethics code and fined $1,000, also has failed to meet a 45-day deadline for paying that fine, according to staff at the city Comptroller’s Office.

Will was found guilty of repeated violations in a city ethics board report filed Oct. 9, and he was fined, with censure, for conflict of interest involving his actions surrounding the renovation of the Pike Plan pedestrian canopy in the city’s Uptown business district.

Common Council President James Noble has not yet issued a letter of reprimand to Will, as recommended by the Ethics Board in its Oct. 6 decision. Noble was also told to make a verbal statement at the Common Council meeting, which did not happen either.

Six days after his guilty verdict, on Oct. 13, Will allegedly violated the ethics code again, by representing the Irish Cultural Center before the city Planning Board, in the capacity of architect, while simultaneously serving as Common Council liaison to the Planning Board, according to his election opponent Andrew Champ-Doran, who called on Will to resign.

Will responded to Champ-Doran’s allegations and call for resignation on Oct. 29 with complaints about Mayor Shayne Gallo, who appointed Champ-Doran to several city boards. Will, who has a home at 140 Main St. in Kingston, said he intended to continue to represent the Third Ward.

Will has declined comment on the bankruptcy case and the address discrepancy.

He won re-election on Nov. 3 by a 17-vote margin.

“What’s the matter with the city (voters), did they care? I’m going to have to speculate they don’t. They’ve been misinformed; they’ve been duped,” said Gallo, commenting on WIll’s re-election victory.

Gallo himself failed to secure his own party’s nomination for re-election to a second term, and was defeated in a primary by Democratic challenger Steve Noble, the council president’s nephew. Steve Noble went on to win the mayoral election and will succeed Gallo on Jan. 1.

“What really concerns me is that Mr. Will was found guilty of an ethics violation and fined $1,000, but Jimmy Noble refuses, per an order of the Ethics Board, to issue a reprimand,” Gallo said. “That is outrageous, it shows no transparency, no regard for the law.”

The mayor said it is “disgusting that one week after he’s found guilty, Mr. Will engages in the same conduct that violated the law a week prior. “Are (Third Ward voters) aware or totally oblivious to the fact that this does not bode well?” Gallo asked.

Gallo also lambasted Will for the address discrepancy in the bankruptcy filing.

“You have on this petition a different address,” Gallo said. “You’re now an elected official in Ward Three, city of Kingston, Zip code 12401. That’s your mother’s house, Mr. Will, please advise.”

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