Marci Cornish Of Hackensack Threatens Bankruptreport

Creditors of Marci Cornish Of Hackensack NJ THreatens  Here is the email Ms. Cornish sent us:


Ms. Cornish, being a Webmaster hereself with "Studio MJC LLC" she knows for a fact that "" is in no way, by any standard, a "malicious" site.  She would knowingly be perpetrating a lie, which is what she has professed to do.

Her second email was this:

"Thanks you for doing this. This is being forwarded to the FTC."

While Ms Cornish is busy making false reports, we have remained in operation, steadfast, and will report any fale reports to the proper authorites.   Here is the information about the bankruptcy of Marci Cornish, and the list of Creditors she ripped off:


10-40884-MS Marci Jill Cornish
Case type: bk Chapter: 7 Asset: No Vol: v Judge: Morris Stern
Date filed: 10/04/2010 Date of last filing: 05/02/2011
Debtor discharged: 02/22/2011
Date terminated: 05/02/2011

Creditors, looks like she ripped off EVERYONE:

Dr Glickman
71 Franklin Turnpike #1-1
Waldwick NJ 07463


Affiliated Credit Services
PO Box 7739
Rochester MN, 55903



At&T Mobility Bay Area Credit
1901 W 10th St
Antioch, CA 94509



Bill ME Later
PO Box 5138
Timanium, MD 21094



Capital One
PO Box 85520
Richmond, VA 23285



Capital One Bank USA
PO Box 30281
Salt Lake City, UT 84130




PO Box 296
Nanwell, MA 02061



Certegy Payment Recovery
11601 Roosevelt Boulevard
St Petersburgh, FL 33716



PO Box 15548
Wilmington, DE 19886



Clumbia House Allied Interstate
540 Dick Rd Suite 100
Depew, NY 14043



Credit Mngmt Control
PO Box 1022
Wixom, MI 48393



Dell Financial Services
1 Dell Wayround
Rock, TX 78682

(She didn't even pay for the computer she is using to attack the publication of her bankruptcy)



Direct Loans
PO Box 5609
Greenville, TX 75403



Dr Richards Winters
One Howe Avenue
Second Floor
Passaic, NJ 07055



EZ Pass Violation Processing EZ Pass NJ
PO Box 52005
Newark, NJ 07101



Hoboken University Med Center
PO Box 8500
Philadelphia, PA 19178



JC Penny NCO Financial GE Money Bank
PO Box 960001
Orlando, FL 32896



Macy's FDS Bank
9111 Duke Boulevard
MAson, OH 45040



National Asset Recovery Ny Sports Club
PO Box 701
Chesterfield, MO 63006



NCO Financial Dr Friedman NJ Oral Max Surgery
507 Prudential Rd
Hersham, PA 19044



Neiman Matcus
PO Box 5235
Carol Stream, IL 60197

(Only steal the best!)



NJ Dept of Labor
PO Box 941
Trenton, NJ 08625

(and Marci is citing other Government organizations to report bankruptreport to, ironic,huh?)



NY City Dept of Finance Parking
Violations/ Collectors
PO Box 2337
Peek Slip Station, NY 10272



Orchard Bank HSBC
PO Box 17051
Baltimore, MD 21297



PNC Bank Heritage Financial
600 East Crescent Ave
Suite 304
UpperSaddle River, NJ 07458



PO Box 742596
Cinncinnati, OH 45274



TRS Recovery Services
PO Box 173809
Denver, CO 80217



Verizon Wireless Allies Interstate
PO Box 408
Newark, NJ 07101



Violations Processing Center Ez Pass NY
PO Box 15186
Albany, NY 12212



WFNNB New York and Company
220 W Shrock Rd
Westerville, OH 43081



World Financial National Bank Express
PO Box 182125
Columbus, OH 43218