Muncie father, son held in 'victimless' crimes


MUNCIE, Ind. – City police say a Muncie man has recruited his son into the family business.

Unfortunately, that business is allegedly creating bogus checks and then cashing them at local credit unions, an enterprise the older man told police was a “victimless crime.”

Aaron Jacob Herbert, 23, was charged Friday in Delaware Circuit Court 2 with six related crimes, including two counts each of fraud on a financial instution and check fraud.

Authorities allege Herbert cashed fraudulent checks – for $739.50 and $425, respectively – at two Muncie credit unions in February.

When arrested May 4, he reportedly told investigators he “knew the checks were bad,” and said another person – later identified as his 49-year-old father, Kenneth Wayne Herbert – would print the checks and given them to him to cash.

The pair would then split the resulting money, the younger Herbert said.

Interviewed by investigators on Thursday – a day after his arrest on unrelated charges – Kenneth Herbert reportedly confirmed his son’s account of the check-fraud operation.

“Kenneth stated this is basically a victimless crime because the banks are screwing people every day,” city police detective Nick Ramsey wrote.

Based on those allegations, the elder Herbert is preliminarily charged with two counts of fraud on a financial institution.

He also faces preliminary charges of auto theft, possession of meth and possession of paraphernalia that stem from his arrest Wednesday,

Kenneth Herbert already faced a total of eight charges in cases pending in courts in Delaware, Madison and Randolph counties – auto theft, three counts of check deception, check fraud, criminal mischief, forgery and home improvement fraud.

The elder Herbert’s criminal record includes convictions for battery resulting in serious bodily injury, check deception, check fraud (four times), domestic battery, driving while intoxicated, resisting law enforcement,


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