NEW: Woman tried to use fake ID to apply for $24,000 bank loan, PBSO says

Ericka Lynn Ferguson
Ericka Lynn Ferguson


LAKE PARK — An Arkansas woman is facing charges of impersonation fraud and attempted grand theft after authorities say she used a false ID to apply for a $24,000 bank loan.

Ericka Ferguson, 42, was arrested at the PNC Bank on Northlake Boulevard in Lake Park on Monday afternoon when she presented a Florida driver’s license with the name and address of a Palm Beach woman, according to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrest records.


The teller suspected the ID was fake and contacted the sheriff’s office, according to the report. PBSO checked an online database to confirm that the photo was fake but found that the license's information belonged to the Palm Beach woman. Officers confirmed with the Palm Beach woman that she did not know Ferguson and had not given Ferguson permission to use her identity.

Documents and receipts in Ferguson’s possession included handwritten notes regarding other suspected identity-theft victims and information about the Palm Beach woman, according to the report.

Ferguson was booked into the county jail on Monday and released on bond Tuesday afternoon.

Ferguson was convicted in New York for grand theft and identity theft, according to New York Department of Corrections records. She was released on parole in November 2017.


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