Russellville couple charged with financial exploitation


RUSSELLVILLE – Checks returned for insufficient funds triggered an investigation that resulted in the arrest of a Russellville couple accused of taking advantage of an elderly woman who lived with them.

Russellville Police Chief Christ Hargett said Jamie Kebry Cummings, 33, and her husband, Donnie Ray Cummings II, 35, of Clanton Cove, have each been charged with first-degree financial exploitation of the elderly.

Authorities said the couple are accused of using finances from the 74-year-old woman they were taking care of for their personal gain.

Investigators said the Cummings are accused of writing checks on the woman’s account to buy items for themselves.

Police said the woman, who is a family acquaintance of the couple, suffers from medical issues.

“They were just taking advantage of the situation, using this woman that they were supposed to be taking care of,” Hargett said. “Nothing surprises me anymore. It’s just sad that things like this happen.”

Russellville police detective Sgt. Jake Tompkins said it’s believed this had been going on for a year. He said police were notified after the Franklin County Department of Human Resources was contacted about the possibility of the elderly woman being a victim of financial exploitation.

Tompkins said DHR was contacted after the Franklin County Worthless Check Unit received checks written on the woman’s account that were returned to local businesses for insufficient funds.

“Basically, they had gotten complete control of the woman’s finances and were using them as their own,” Tompkins said. “They were paying their own bills and making numerous purchases for themselves.”

He said the couple even purchased an ATV Razor with the woman's funds.

“They were doing as they pleased with her money, where they were supposed to be using (the money) to take care of (the woman),” Tompkins said.

He said the woman was not harmed and is no longer living with the Cummings.

“She is with a family member and doing well,” Tompkins said.

The Cummings are both out of jail after posting bonds of $2,500 each.

The case will be presented to an upcoming session of the Franklin County grand jury.


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