Stamford man charged with car burglary, credit card theft

Stephen Arzu
Stephen Arzu, 21, of Stamford, was arrested for allegedly breaking into a car and charging on credit cards stolen from the car.


STAMFORD — Police say a second man has been charged with using credit cards stolen from a locked car in Belltown.

According to the arrest warrant for Stephen Arzu, 20, of Standish Road, a Bellmere Road woman called police on Jan. 20 to report her Coach and Michael Kors purses were stolen from her car.

Police said the thieves immediately used the seven missing credit cards, racking up the first charge about a half hour after forcing their way into the car through a slightly opened window.

The thieves continued their shopping spree the next day when police said they used the cards to make purchases at CVS stores in Stamford, Mount Vernon and Bronxville, N.Y., as well as a Best Buy store in Mount Vernon and Lord & Taylor and Game Stop in Stamford. The total value of the purses and their contents plus the illegal charges totaled $4,407, according to the arrest affidavit.

Stamford police investigator William Moore collected video footage from the Stamford stores and officers identified the suspects as Arzu and Tyreek Outlar, 21, of Stamford.

Arzu was charged Thursday with multiple counts of third-degree burglary, credit card theft, illegal use of a credit card, third-degree larceny, fourth-degree larceny and conspiracy charges for each. Outlar was arrested in February on similar charges.


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