Privacy Policy

No Pages, records, files or other content will EVER be removed from this Website.

Nothing will be removed, period.  You can find the owner, operator, administrator, host, etc, it's not relevant, as your beef is with the sytem, not this website, we operate within the guidelines of the law.

We have EVERY RIGHT to publish these records and we will do so.  Under no circumstance will we alter our site. The ONLY way we can violate any law is to alter our site, so please consider that.  All requests will be totally ignored.

It's not a violation to redistribute public data, only to remove it. There is no chance in hell that we will ever remove a page.  I don't know how to make it more clear to the reader.  You have no special privilege associated with the public records your bankruptcy created. All data is gathered from government sources, if it's inaccurate here, it's due to an inaccuracy there.  Laws accommodate inaccuracy, they do not accommodate removal.

See for more information.