Privacy Policy

No Pages, records, files or other content will be removed on request.  WE ALREADY UNDERSTAND YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR BANKRUPTCY LISTED ONLINE.  That's too bad.  Sorry.  We feel bankruptcy is used for by FINANCIAL PLAYERS, for FINANCIAL GAIN, while the rest of us are left to pay for YOUR BILLS!

If you have a record you want off, please provide the MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION that caused the bankruptcy, your case may be considered. 

The rest  of you need to pay your bills.  9 out of 10 bankruptcies are planned and executed in a methodical attempt to default creditors and maintain ownership of as much property as possible.  We cannot change this ridiculous scenario, but we can PUBLISH YOUR BANKRUPTCY ONLINE, and that we will do!

If you would like to PAY to have your bankruptcy removed, please utilize our sister corporation CleanSearch LLC, and they will remove it FOR A FEE. (medical related bankruptcies may be removed at no fee at our discretion).

Don't like it? Tough beans.  We don't like it when attorney solicit individuals and talk them into defaulting on their creditors.  

Want to sue us? Bring it on.  The last entity that sues us was an attorney in Vancouver WA. and they LOST THE CASE and shit down their law offices, as their case was so pathetic it apparently required submitting blatantly false information to a federal judge, and that usually does no go over so well.  That attorney is OUT OF PRACTICE.

See for more information.